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Newsletters and Email Updates

There are many ways you can stay up-to-date with how I am representing you in Ottawa.

Email Updates – I send out updates from Ottawa once or twice a month to let folks know what’s going on in Parliament and across Canada.


Newsletters – Throughout the year I send newsletters to constituents on the latest bills in Parliament or the work I have been doing to support Peace River – Westlock. Below are the most recent newsletters I have sent out.

August Issue – Farming and Agriculture

Special Issue – Democracy in Crisis Part 2 – Emergencies Act

July Issue – Inflation Crisis

June Issue – Parliamentary Update

May Issue – Canada Post Service & Mandates

May Issue – NDP/Liberal Coalition

April Issue – Democracy in Crisis Part 1 – Contempt for Parliament

March Issue – No Canadian Left Behind – Unity

February Issue – Human Trafficking

January Issue – Cost of Living