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Spring Parliamentary Session Wrap-up

June 29, 2023


Barrhead, AB — Member of Parliament for Peace River – Westlock, Arnold Viersen released the following update on the spring session of Parliament:   

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are struggling. The costly coalition continues to pour fuel on the inflationary fire with $60 billion in new inflationary spending, driving up inflation and interest rates.

Justin Trudeau and his NDP coalition partner Jagmeet Singh continue to ignore the crime and chaos on our streets, letting dangerous, repeat, violent offenders out on bail and funding dangerous narcotics with taxpayer dollars.

Over the past 6 months, Conservatives have been fighting hard in Parliament to hold the coalition accountable and put forward real solutions to fight inflation.

We have:

  • Highlighted the inflationary spending in the Liberal-NDP budget and demanded the coalition provide a path to balance to bring down inflation and interest rates.
  • Tabled legislation to force the Liberals to give violent repeat offenders jail, not bail.
  • Tabled legislation to protected victims’ rights by keeping serial killers and mass murderers like Paul Bernardo in maximum-security prison.
  • Demanded an end to the Liberals’ tax-funded narcotics program, so we can bring home our loved ones drug-free.
  • Exposed Trudeau’s dangerous censorship Bill C-11.
  • Offered solutions to fix Canada’s housing crisis by firing the gatekeepers and forcing municipalities to build homes people can afford.
  • Uncovered Trudeau’s second carbon tax buried in Budget 2023 that will hike the cost of groceries and gas for all Canadians.
  • Defended our democracy from Beijing’s interference.

I am also proud of the wins that Conservatives have secured for Canadians including:

  • Forcing Trudeau to climb-down over Bill C-21, which cynically targeted hunters and Indigenous Canadians rather than criminals.
  • Supporting our farmers by passing a Conservative Bill that removes the Trudeau carbon tax from farm fuels
  • Protecting working Canadians by passing a Conservative Bill that ensures their pensions are protected in the event of a company declaring bankruptcy.

Within Parliament, I continue to represent the interests of the people of Peace River – Westlock and uphold our Canadian values. I regularly engage in debate in the House of Commons on Government and private members legislation, give statements and ask the Government questions.

Over the past spring session, I have:

  • Tabled over 20 petitions;
  • Cast 159 votes;
  • Rose to speak in the House of Commons 90 times;
  • Spoke at Committee over 90 times;
  • Demanded answers of the government during Question Period;

Many of the issues that I have spoken on included:

  • Ending deficits, reducing inflation, and making life more affordable
  • Protecting Canadians from the surge in crime
  • Standing up for the rights of hunters and sports shooters
  • Ending the carbon tax
  • Fighting for oil and gas workers

I have also seconded a number of Private Members’ Bills that my colleagues introduced this spring including:

  • C-325 – Ends Liberal catch-and-release policies
  • C-320 – Ensures the disclosure of information to victims of crime
  • C-318 – Provides supports for adoptive parents
  • C-314 – Protects those with mental illness from assisted dying
  • C-313 – Ends bail for repeat, violent offenders
  • C-311 – Prevents violence against pregnant women
  • C-299 – Increases maximum sentence for child sexual assault offences to life

I am also proud to have worked through the All-Party Parliamentary Group to End Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking to get Bill S-211 passed into law. This Bill will require Canadian companies to be transparent about their supply chains and ensure they are free from slavery.

Over the summer, I look forward to meeting with and talking to constituents across the riding to hear their concerns about the issues that affect them most so that come this fall, we are ready to hold the NDP/Liberal Coalition to account. Common Sense Conservatives will never stop fighting for Canadians. Let’s bring it home.