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Safer Canada means Standing up for Police

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 1, 2023 – Ottawa, ON

While many politicians tacitly support the defund police movement, others – like Alberta NDP
MLAs – have openly called to defund the police.

Since September 2022, 11 police officers in Canada died in the line of duty. Most of these police
officers died by being shot or stabbed to death – they were murdered. Police officers know that
when they wake up and go to work, they might not make it home to their families. Their decision
to risk their lives to keep us safe means that they deserve our respect, appreciation, and support.

Despite the courageous work of our local police detachments, the Trudeau government insists on
fostering a culture that has eroded respect for the police. For example, some might remember
when the Prime Minister accused the police of being entrenched in racism and discrimination.

Trudeau’s contempt of law enforcement is not limited to mockery and humiliation. Because of the
Trudeau government’s catch-and-release policies, violent crime and gang-related homicides
have skyrocketed in our major cities and it has become significantly more dangerous for police to
do their job.

The recent uptick in police deaths reveal that police officers are at a greater risk of being injured
or killed. This is partly because the government insists on letting repeat offenders back onto the
streets. In Toronto, a judge granted Const. Jeffrey Northup’s murderer bail on the assumption
that he would not kill again. A man charged with assaulting a police officer went on to murder
OPP Const. Greg Pierzchala after being released on bail. Their deaths can be directly traced
back to Liberal legislation that encourages our criminal justice system to release dangerous
criminals rather than punish them.

A strong, vocal Conservative opposition and an outraged Canadian public have forced the
Liberals to confront their harmful policies. Unfortunately, it is a little, too late for the families of
police officers who lost their lives to repeat offenders.

As your MP, I will always stand up for police officers. We need jail – not bail – for repeat, violent
offenders. And we need a government that respects our police officers, empowers them to fight
crime, and works hard to bring home a safer Canada.

Arnold Viersen, MP
Peace River – Westlock