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MP Viersen: Thank you to Elected Officials in Peace River – Westlock

March 25, 2021
Ottawa, ON: Today, Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen used his one-minute statement in the House of Commons to express his deep gratitude for the hard work of elected officials across the riding during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Speaker, Peace River—Westlock is a large riding with many towns, municipalities, Métis settlements, first nations and municipal districts. My job as MP overlaps with over 500 other elected representatives.
I rise today to honour these men and women. Their hard work over the past year has been exemplary. When these leaders let their names stand, they had no idea that they would have to deal with COVID. They have remained faithful, serving their citizens, they have listened, they have helped and they have stood up when needed.
For many, these positions are part-time, yet in the face of COVID they stepped up, took on extra responsibilities and still tried to look after their own livelihoods. It is no small task to serve others while keeping one’s own family above water.
To all the chiefs, chairpersons, mayors, reeves, school councillors and board officials and the MLAs, thank you very much, your work is appreciated.