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MP Viersen Questions Liberals on Carbon Tax 2

June 19, 2023


Ottawa, ON: Today in Question Period, Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen exposed the Liberal carbon tax as a tax plan that devastates Canadian families with a second carbon tax planned for July 1.

“Once again, I pointed out the tragic reality that carbon taxes don’t help Canadians – and contrary to common Liberal claims – fails to provide any environmental benefit,” said MP Arnold Viersen. “It is simply a tax plan and a Liberal exercise to assuage their consciences for their elite, jet-setting lifestyles.

“On Canada Day, a 2nd Liberal carbon tax will come into force and will drive carbon taxes up to 61 cents per litre, further hiking the price of gas, heat and groceries for families. According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, this second carbon tax will cost the average Albertan family up to $4,000/year.

“The Minister of Environment can boast all he wants about the decrease in Canada’s carbon emissions between 2019-2021 but we all know that this is a direct result of Liberal lockdowns that shut down Canada’s economy for two years.

“Five years of Liberal carbon taxes and they can’t point to a single fire or flood that has been prevented. Conservatives know that technology, not carbon taxes, will improve our environment.”