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MP Viersen Highlights New Ethics Committee Report on MindGeek/Pornhub


June 17, 2021

Ottawa, ON – Today the Ethics Committee released a its report on the exploitation of women and youth on web platforms like MindGeek’s Pornhub. With 14 recommendations, it is a powerful call to action that is unanimously supported across all political parties. Peace River Westlock MP Arnold Viersen has participated in the Ethics Committee’s meetings on MindGeek since the study began in February and helped draft the report and recommendations.

One of the key recommendations of the Ethics Committee is for Canada to mandate that content-hosting platforms operating in Canada require verification of age and consent from all persons depicted in pornographic content before it is uploaded or distributed. This directly supports the focus of the Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation Act that MP Viersen introduced last month.

“For too long, online pornographic platforms have published videos of sex trafficking, child exploitation, and sexual assault impunity, starting an endless nightmare for victims of exploitation. Once a video of exploitation has been uploaded, it is virtually impossible to eliminate,” said MP Viersen

“Further, survivors have also been forced to relive their trauma and track down content depicting their abuse removed, with little recourse from the companies profiting. It’s clear that we must do more to prevent these videos from ever reaching the internet in the first place.

“The courage and resilience of survivors has been incredible. I want to thank them for speaking out,” said MP Arnold Viersen. “It is time to place the burden of due diligence and corporate responsibility on companies rather than survivors. Canada must move quickly to implement these 14 recommendations.”



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