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Letter to the Editor – Standing Up for Choice in Natural Health Products


Aug 16, 2023 – Ottawa, ON

A common concern I have heard lately from constituents is around the Liberal government’s proposed regulatory changes to natural health food products.

I believe that these new regulations will put Canadian businesses at a disadvantage because existing regulations on health supplements already keep Canadians safe. Conservatives oppose this assault on the natural health industry and our leader, Pierre Poilievre, has spoken out against it.

Canada already has a world-class system and is a global leader in ensuring the safety of health products. More labelling and red tape will only reduce the selection of products, forcing small and medium sized companies to cut back on their product supplies in Canada or force them to leave altogether. It will also drive prices higher for locally owned health food companies, stores, and customers.

Ultimately, the regulations are intended to give more power to Ottawa, reducing the freedom of choice of Canadians, and their healthcare.

The Common-Sense Conservatives will ensure Canadian businesses are competitive and your access to safe health supplements is protected. Our plan is to remove the gatekeepers and ensure Canadians have access to a world-class supplement supply at an affordable cost.

Pierre Poilievre and our Conservative team will continue to advocate for more options at lower prices so Canadians can Bring Home more.

Arnold Viersen, MP

Peace River – Westlock