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Letter to the Editor – End the War on Work


June 8, 2023 – Ottawa, ON

As the provincial conservative government continues to focus of the success of Alberta, the Liberals seem to take every opportunity to attack Albertans. This time, it’s a costly tax on fuel. Buried in Justin Trudeau’s 2023 budget is a second carbon tax. One more example of the Liberal government’s war on work.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) describes this new tax as “broadly regressive” because low-income households will spend a larger share of their money on fuel and heating compared to wealthier households.

This tax is arguably most regressive in Alberta because some Alberta families will be forced to pay as much as $1157 more per year. When combined with the current carbon tax, it will cost Alberta families up to $4,000 each year.

Combined with the latest interest rate hike and over $60 billion in new inflationary spending, the last thing we need is a 2nd carbon tax that will drive carbon taxes up to 61 cents per litre, further hiking the price of gas, heat and groceries.

Instead of doubling down and further punishing Albertans for working hard and putting food on the table, we need a government that helps people bring home powerful paycheques.   

A Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre will focus on working for Albertans and working people. We will scrap the carbon tax, end the war on work and return to balanced budgets.

It is time to bring back the common sense of common people!

Arnold Viersen, MP 

Peace River – Westlock