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Letter to the Editor: Axe the Carbon Tax, Bring Home Lower Prices

October 04, 2023

After eight years of the Trudeau Liberals, life cost more. Many Albertans are barely hanging on
with the gas, heating and groceries skyrocketing due to the Liberal carbon taxes driving up

When the government taxes the farmer who grows the food, then taxes the trucker who ships
the food, the grocer who sells the food, it is taxing every Canadian who buys the food. A tax on
a tax on a tax.

Even my constituency office has seen a significant increase in utility costs. The electrical bill in
September was over $500 compared to around $200 in the same month a year ago. This is a
direct result of leftover Notley NDP energy policies and an ever-increasing Liberal carbon tax.

With a spiraling cost-of-living crisis from coast to coast, even seven Atlantic Liberal MPs are to
trying to distance themselves from Trudeau’s carbon tax. Newfoundland Liberal MP, Ken
McDonald recently admitted that the carbon tax is “punishing the rural areas of our country and
the most vulnerable people in our society.”

At every opportunity in Parliament, Conservatives have put the carbon tax to a vote. In
September, Pierre Poilievre put forward a motion calling on the government to introduce
legislation, within seven days of the adoption of the motion to repeal all carbon taxes and bring
home lower prices on gas, groceries, and home heating.

On October 4, the House of Commons held the vote on this motion. I and my Conservative
colleagues voted to scrap the carbon tax. The Liberals and NDP, including Alberta’s four Liberal
and NDP MPs voted to maintain Trudeau’s inflationary carbon tax.

After eight years, it is clear that the Trudeau Liberals are not worth the cost.

Conservatives are listening. Our common-sense plan will axe Trudeau’s carbon tax and bring
down the cost of gas, groceries, and home heating.

Arnold Viersen, MP
Peace River – Westlock