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Bill C-10: The Liberal Attack on your Freedom of Speech

Arnold Viersen, MP for Peace River – Westlock is opposed to Bill C-10. This Bill was originally intended to level the playing field between streaming services and Canadian broadcasters. However, the Liberals changed Bill C-10 so that social media posts could be censored by the government.

The former CRTC commissioner Peter Menzies said Bill C-10 “doesn’t just infringe on free expression, it constitutes a full-blown assault upon it and, through it, the foundations of democracy.”

The Liberals promised to amend their censorship bill, Bill C-10, however last night during the Heritage committee, the Liberal amendment failed to address concerns regarding censorship. This legislation will still regulate what you post online.

University of Ottawa Law professor Michael Geist commented that “Despite nearly two weeks of public concern, the government still seems committed to regulating user generated content….This remains an unworkable, dangerous bill driven by lobbyists demands rather than the interests of Canadians.”

“As your Member of Parliament, I will stand up for the rights of Canadians to speak their mind”

“Bill C-10 is a serious threat to our freedom and since the Liberals are unable to fix this Bill, it must be withdrawn”