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Year in Review & Christmas Greetings


Dear constituents,

As your Member of Parliament, I am pleased to share an update on the past 12 months in Parliament. From day one, the Conservative Opposition has committed to being the voice of the taxpayer – a task I have worked hard on as Deputy Critic for Rural Affairs.

In this regard, I have continually raised in Parliament issues such as rural infrastructure, the harmful impact of a carbon tax, the lack of a softwood lumber agreement, and the importance of support for agriculture and family farms.

Over the past year, I have sent out a number of newsletters to keep you informed about the Bills and issues being debated in Parliament. In each, I always seek your input through the feedback form and I have received almost 5000 responses on a range of issues.

While Electoral Reform and Euthanasia prompted the most feedback, I also received responses emphasizing frustration with the elimination of income splitting, the reduction of TFSA’s, the incoming CPP tax hike, changes to Canada’s anthem, and the lack of pipelines being built. I want to thank all who replied for taking the time to share your views with me.

Since forming government a year ago, Prime Minister Trudeau’s economic plan has failed and Canadians are paying for it.

In 12 months, Canada has lost 30,000 full-time jobs across the nation (much more than that in Alberta), Tax-Free Savings Accounts have been slashed, tax credits for kids’ soccer and dance classes cancelled, softwood lumber talks stalled, and tens of billions of dollars of additional debt.

Canadians also face an imposed CPP tax hike and carbon tax that will cost families thousands of dollars every year, continued unethical behavior, taxpayer funded international photo-ops, new rules on mortgages that will make it harder for families to buy a home and no plan to grow the economy and create jobs.

However, you can be sure that I and the Conservative Party will continue to hold the Liberals accountable and oppose increasing the overall tax burden on Canadians. We will continue to be the voice of the taxpayers.

But for now, this is the season to count our blessings. For Christians, the greatest of these is Christmas itself, the birth of Jesus Christ.

It’s a time for joyful reunions with family and friends. It’s also a time to remember and assist those in our midst who have less.

From Aliyah, Seeley, Melissa and myself, Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.

There is much to look forward to, especially Canada’s 150th birthday!

Arnold Viersen, MP
Peace River – Westlock