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With New CPC Leader, Liberals Backdown on ArriveCAN, Mandates

September 22, 2022


Ottawa, ON: This week, the Liberal government announced that they would be ending the remaining mandates at the borders and ending the mandatory use of ArriveCAN.

“Since the launch of ArriveCAN and the mandates, I have repeatedly demanded that the Liberal government to end them,” said MP Arnold Viersen. “ArriveCAN created the longest delays ever seen at Canada’s airports. Seniors without cellphones were detained for hours at ports of entry, Canadians have been stranded abroad, told to quarantine unnecessarily upon return, and fined $6,255 for failing to go along with the government’s nonsense.

“With Pierre Poilievre as Leader of the Conservative Party, the Liberals are now backing down from their long-held positions and mandates. It is clear the Liberals are starting to recognize their policy of ignoring Canadians and clinging to anti-freedom mandates is not popular.

“Today, I am calling on the Liberal government to immediately forgive any fines that were incurred for being unable to comply with the failed Liberal ArriveCAN experiment. Canadians shouldn’t pay for Liberal negligence.

“Under Pierre Poilievre, Conservatives will continue to fight the Liberal barriers that restrict Canadian freedoms and we will restore hope for a strong and prosperous Canada.”