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Open Letter from Conservatives to the Elections Commissioner

August 10, 2020


Ottawa, ON – Michael Barrett, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics, and Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, have sent a letter to the Elections Commissioner regarding Justin Trudeau’s $900 million scandal and the close ties between the Prime Minister, WE Charity, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Over the past number of weeks, there have been allegations of data sharing between the Liberal Party and the WE organization, reports that WE staff were told to attend partisan Liberal Party events, and the unearthing of a video produced in 2017 by the WE organization featuring and promoting Justin Trudeau. The Canada Elections Act strictly prohibits the making of contributions, whether monetary or ‘in-kind,’ by incorporated entities.

“While the video, potential data-sharing, and political event crowd-filling each represent a worth and benefit differing in nature and value, I respectfully contend that these collectively present a picture of non-monetary contributions in aid of the Liberal Party and its leading figures,” said MP Barrett. “Given the torrent of disclosures and revelations in recent days and weeks, it may be that this is simply scratching the surface of the organizations’ ties and is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in terms of support given to the Liberal cause.”

“The links between WE Charity and Liberal politicians raise the question about whether the party or its candidates have benefited from the charity,” said MP Poilievre. “The Commissioner of Canada Elections must examine all these links and determine if anyone crossed the line.”

You can view the original letter here.