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Op-Ed: Happy Canada Day!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

I’m thrilled to join all Canadians in celebrating the best country in the world on its 150th birthday! For all Canadians, Canada Day is a much-anticipated national holiday, and a welcomed opportunity for barbecuing, picnicking with friends and family, or even watching a fireworks display.

Canadians enjoy July 1 in many different ways, but Canada Day is, first and foremost, a day to celebrate the country we know and love. Canada, one of the world’s most modern countries, is a nation based on freedom, democracy, and rule of law.

As we continue to strive to fulfill these values, we must not forget the sacrifice and hard work of our founding Canadians. They embraced these ideals in the hopes of ensuring a system of government by the people and for the people. The hard work of generations of fellow Canadians has made Canada a leading innovator in modern medicine, a world leader in the free trade market, and a driving force in international policy and peacemaking. This July 1, we celebrate 150 years of a nation in the making, the Canada we know today, a country rich in heritage and committed to justice, opportunity, freedom, and peace.

The 150th anniversary of Confederation is a pivotal milestone for our nation. Indeed, knowing and appreciating our history provides the best way for all Canadians to come together and take pride in our national identity.

I encourage everyone to join me at one of the many celebrations going on in our community to commemorate this very special birthday for Canada.

On behalf of Canada’s Official Opposition, Happy Canada Day!