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MP Viersen Updates Constituents On Individual Share of Government Debt in 2019


Throughout March, constituents in Peace River – Westlock will receive a letter from MP Arnold Viersen portraying the federal Liberal Government’s annual deficits in a credit card bill format and presenting recipients with their individual share of federal and provincial debt in 2019.

“Last year, one of my constituents wrote to me asking if national debt could be explained in a way that would allow every taxpayer to know how much national debt each individual owes,” says MP Arnold Viersen.

The letter also lists some of the Liberal entitlements and big spending projects that are contributing to the skyrocketing Liberal deficits.

“The Harper Government left taxpayers with a budget surplus,” says MP Viersen. “Now the Liberals are increasing Canada’s federal debt at an unsustainable rate, ensuring more of taxpayers’ hard earned income goes to making interest payments instead of health care, essential services, and tax cuts.”

“In 2017, interest payments on all government debt will cost Canada $62.8 billion,” says MP Viersen. “That’s $5 billion a month that could have been used to replace aging infrastructure or build new schools, hospitals and increase our defence spending.”