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MP Viersen on Keystone XL

January 19, 2020

Barrhead, AB: MP Arnold Viersen issued the following statement after President-Elect Joe Biden revealed that one of his first acts as President will be to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline extension:

“Cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline extension will devastate thousands of Albertan families who have already been badly hurt by the economic crisis.

“Prime Minister Trudeau needs to get on the phone today with the president-elect and persuade him to avoid this disastrous decision.

“If Keystone XL is cancelled, Canadians will pay a terrible price for Trudeau’s commitment to blocking pipelines on Canadian soil with Bills like C-48 and C-69. Over the past five years, the Liberals have made Canada dangerously dependent on foreign oil instead of championing Canadian pipelines like Energy East and Eagle Spirit.

“Prime Minister, it’s time to stand up for Alberta. “We need a recovery that helps all Canadians in all sectors of the economy.”