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MP Viersen: No New Taxes!

September 29, 2022


Ottawa, ON: This week, the Conservative Party tabled two motions in Parliament forcing debate calling on the Liberal government to cancel its plan to triple the carbon tax and to commit to no new taxes on gas, groceries, home heating and pay cheques. Tuesday’s motion was defeated by the NDP/Liberal coalition.  

The Fraser Institute calculated that the average Canadian family ‘now spends more of its income on taxes (43.0%) than it does on basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing combined (35.7%).’ 

“The Liberal government and JustinFlation are driving up the cost of living and rural Canadians are especially impacted,” said Arnold Viersen, MP for Peace River – Westlock. “We need to axe the carbon tax and no new taxes! Instead of freezing taxes, Trudeau is raising taxes on people who are struggling to make ends meet.” 

“Mike – a senior in my rural riding – wrote to me on Monday that over the past year his rent has increased by 50%, his fuel costs are up 40%, his medications are up 22%, and food costs are up 12%. Like many Canadians, Mike is struggling with the burden of this government’s taxes on basic necessities.  

“That is why today I will ask the government in Question Period, on behalf of folks like Mike, if they will cancel their planned tax hikes on gas, groceries, and home heating. I am disappointed that the NDP/Liberal coalition continue to vote against tax relief.  

“I will always stand up for the folks who work hard – the seniors, the oilfield workers, the loggers, the waitresses, the farm families – who just want to keep more of their paycheques to help make ends meet.”  


Conservative Motions

Tuesday – September 27

That, in the opinion of the House, given that the government’s tax increases on gas, home heating and, indirectly, groceries, will fuel inflation, and that the Parliamentary Budget Officer reported the carbon tax costs 60% of households more than they get back, the government must eliminate its plan to triple the carbon tax.

Thursday – September 29

That, given that the cost of government is driving up inflation, making the price of goods Canadians buy and the interest they pay unaffordable, this House call on the government to commit to no new taxes on gas, groceries, home heating and pay cheques.