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MP Viersen Initiates Study on the Sex Trafficking of Indigenous Peoples

June 2, 2021

Following a motion tabled by MP Arnold Viersen, the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs of the House of Commons has launched a study on the sex trafficking of Indigenous peoples. During this study, the committee will be looking at several issues, including the criminal justice system, mental health and addiction, the Indigenous child welfare system, and the demand for sexual services.

The first meeting was held on June 1 and featured representatives from the departments of Justice, Public Safety, Indigenous Services, Women and Gender Equality, and the RCMP.

Over the next few weeks, the Committee will hear from Indigenous survivors, frontline service providers, and researchers.
“Indigenous women and girls are by far the highest represented victim group in sex trafficking in Canada, making up at least 50% of the victims in Canada but only 4% of the population of Canada,” says MP Viersen. “The sex trafficking of Indigenous women and girls must end.”

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to produce a report with recommendations that ensures Canada is taking every possible step to eliminate the demand for sex trafficking, creating the capacity to educate and prevent Indigenous youth from exploitation and providing robust supports to Indigenous women and youth.”


The Committee hearings and submitted briefs can be found here: INAN – Sex Trafficking of Indigenous Peoples (ourcommons.ca).