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MP Arnold Viersen Concerned Liberal Throne Speech Doesn’t Address Needs and Concerns of Northern Albertans

Ottawa, ON- December 4, 2015 – Arnold Viersen, Member for Peace River—Westlock and Official Opposition Deputy Critic for Rural Affairs, expressed concern that the Liberal Government Throne Speech laid the groundwork for higher taxes for families, higher debt for future generations, and irresponsible government spending.

“There is no mention of how far in debt the Liberal Government spending plans will take us,” said Viersen. “It has taken a Conservative Government surplus of $1.4 billion and turned it into a $3 billion deficit. It has abandoned its election promise to run ‘modest’ deficits of only $10 billion. We know this means higher taxes elsewhere, unplanned spending cuts to health and social programs, or larger increases in government debt. This speech proves that only the Conservative Party of Canada is the party of lower taxes, lower spending, and strong economic management.”

“It was silent on the sectors that keep Northern Alberta going; agriculture and farming, mining, forestry, and energy. There was silence on the ratification of the Tran-Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement that will open up close to 40% of the world’s markets for Peace River—Westlock. Even the private sector, the ones who create the jobs in Canada, was overlooked in this speech.”

“What we heard about is concerning. We heard about a price on carbon, which will place a tax on every good and service across our wide, northern riding. Will it protect the rights of hunters and farmers when it claims it will get handguns off the streets, or will it repeal the freedoms and justice the previous Conservative Government fought for?”

“I was elected to represent the hard-working people of Peace River—Westlock, and I want them to know that I will be working tirelessly, both in Ottawa and across Northern Alberta, to stand up for their interests, industries, and rights and freedoms.”