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Media Availability: Speech from the Throne

September 22, 2020

For immediate release

Ottawa, ON – Arnold Viersen, MP for Peace River – Westlock, is in Ottawa this week to take part in the Speech From the Throne and participate the subsequent days of debate.

MP Viersen will be available for interviews by phone, email or Zoom prior to the Speech to discuss what he expects to see in it as well as after the Speech to discuss the impact.

“Canadians are counting on us to help lead our nation out of this crisis, rebuild Canada, and help workers get ahead,” says MP Viersen “Conservatives are looking for a Throne Speech that will protect Canadian families, rebuild our economy and provide a responsible fiscal plan for the future.”

“Particularly for Albertans, the oil and gas, logging and farming sectors need the government to show confidence in them to be able to thrive. Canadian natural resource industries are global leaders and any Canadian resources prevented from reaching the market are replaced by resources from countries with poor records of human rights and environmental standards.

“Many businesses are teetering on the edge. People are worried about their health and their future. I will be asking the federal government:

  • Where is the off-ramp from all of this?
  • What is the Prime Minister’s plan to get Canadians back to a semblance of normalcy?
  • Will they demonstrate the leadership necessary to allow for our economy to recover and grow?
  • What is the plan to help transition people from CERB to fulltime employment?”

The Speech from the Throne proceedings will start at 12:00pm MT on Wednesday September 23, 2020 and can be viewed at: https://www.cpac.ca/en/. Following the Throne Speech, Conservatives will be seeking the return of committees to allow the investigations related to the WE Charity to resume as well as the Special Committee on Canada-China Relations.