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Letter to the Editor – Conservatives Supporting Adoptive Families

April 26, 2023 – Ottawa, ON
Each week in Ottawa, I am working to bring results for the people of Peace River – Westlock
and all Canadians by supporting legislation and policies that strengthen families and
Last week my Conservative colleague MP Rosemarie Falk introduced Private Member’s Bill C318. I am honoured to support this bill which introduces an additional 15-week benefit for
adoptive parents.
Maternity and parental benefits provide parents with critical financial support while they care for
and bond with their new child. Canada’s current parental benefit system puts families who
adopt at a disadvantage. Conservatives have been the only party that have acknowledged the
unique attachment needs of adoptive families and promotes healthy attachment. The proposed
additional 15-week benefit for adoptive eliminates the existing gap in benefits and ensures
greater equality in the parental benefits landscape.
In 2019, there were 52,000 children in care of the province of Alberta. Children in care homes
across Alberta are at risk for many complex issues. Children want to and deserve to be in a
loving home where they are safe and valued. That is why I think any legislation that supports
making adoption more successful is so important.
The importance of adoption in our communities is invaluable. Conservatives previously
proposed strategies to help Canadian families by offering relief to adoptive parents through tax
credits. We recognize the importance of healthy attachment in strengthening family bonds.
Healthy families mean a healthy future for Canadians. Ensuring that parents can spend time
helping their children adjust without financial stress is of the utmost importance.
Conservatives are committed to delivering supports that help strengthen Canadian families. I
will continue to work with my colleagues to support and introduce legislation that will help all
Canadian families and their communities thrive.
Arnold Viersen, MP
Peace River – Westlock