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CPC Accomplishments (2024)

End of Session Update

Over the past five months, Conservatives have been fighting hard in Parliament to hold the coalition accountable and bring home common sense.  

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are struggling. The Liberal-NDP government continues to pour fuel on the inflationary fire with $60 billion in new inflationary spending, meaning that inflation stayed higher, longer. 

Justin Trudeau’s economic vandalism has meant that Canadians are getting poorer as productivity and GDP per Capita both decline. 

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh continue to ignore the crime and chaos on our streets, letting dangerous, repeat, violent offenders out on bail and funding dangerous drugs with taxpayer dollars. 

Over the past few months, Conservatives have been fighting hard in Parliament to hold the coalition accountable and bring home common sense.  

We have:  

  • Highlighted the inflationary spending in the Liberal-NDP budget and demanded the coalition provide a path to balance to bring down inflation and interest rates sooner.  
  • Opposed Justin Trudeau’s agenda of economic vandalism at every opportunity.  
  • Exposed historic corruption at Trudeau’s Green Slush Fund, on the ArriveScam app, and in government contracts with their friends at McKinsey. 
  • Pushed the government to finally take action on rising carjackings, auto theft, and extortion. 
  • Forced Trudeau and Guilbeault to admit that their own report shows that the carbon tax is hurting Canadians. 
  • Opposed the inflationary carbon taxes that increase the cost of everything. 
  • Forced the Liberal government to take foreign interference seriously by finally setting up the ongoing public inquiry and forcing the government to act on a foreign influence registry.   
  • Called for an end to the government’s taxpayer-funded dangerous drugs regime, forcing them to end their project legalizing hard drugs in BC.  
  • Offered solutions to fix Canada’s housing crisis by firing the gatekeepers and forcing municipalities to build homes people can afford.  
  • Exposed wrongdoing at the Winnipeg Lab 
  • Opposed the latest Liberal censorship bill, the Online Harms Act.  

Introduced legislation that would: 

  • Remove the GST from the carbon tax. 
  • Increase sentences for car thieves, extortionists, those committing violent crimes in and around hospitals, those taking advantage of long response times in remote areas, and those importing drugs into Canada. 
  • Keep dangerous offenders and mass murderers in maximum security. 
  • Fire housing gatekeepers and force municipalities to build homes people can afford. 
  • Lower banking costs for Canadians. 
  • Protect access to natural health products.  
  • Repeal the No More Pipelines bill and replace it with a common sense solution that would reduce red tape and get projects built faster.  
  • Repeal Justin Trudeau’s unconstitutional plastics ban.  
  • Protect Canadians’ access to cash.  

Breakdown of Accomplishments

Axe the Tax  

  • Forced a non-confidence vote on the carbon tax to allow Canadians to vote in a carbon tax election.  
  • Called to give Canadians a summer tax break by axing the carbon tax, the federal fuel tax, and the GST on gasoline and diesel until Labour Day. 
  • Fought to pass Bill C-234 in its original form to axe the tax for Canadian farmers. 
  • Introduced Bill C-396 to stop the GST from being added to the carbon tax. 
  • Passed a motion calling on the Liberal Government to end their carbon tax coverup. 
  • Called on Justin Trudeau to convene an emergency carbon tax meeting with all 14 first ministers.  
  • Forced multiple votes calling on the government to spike their April 1st tax hike. 
  • Called for a pause on the carbon tax on home heating.  

Build the Homes 

  • Forced a vote on Bill C-356, the Building Homes, Not Bureaucracy Act which was defeated by the NDP-Liberal costly coalition. 
  • Forced investigations into Trudeau’s housing hell at multiple committees.  

Fix the Budget  

  • Voted non-confidence on the Liberal’s inflationary budget and job-killing tax on healthcare, home building, and small business. 
  • Passed Bill C-241 at 3rd reading to allow tradespeople to deduct travel expenses. 
  • Demanded the Trudeau government repay taxpayers all funds paid to ArriveCan contractors and subcontractors who did no work.  
  • Exposed billions of dollars of waste in the Liberal Government’s consulting contracts.  

Stop the Crime  

  • Called on the radical Liberal-NDP coalition to put an end to the legalization of taxpayer funded hard drugs. 
  • Proposed concrete measures to address the auto theft crisis that’s being caused by Liberal-NDP soft on crime policies.  
  • Passed Bill C-270 at 2nd reading to end internet sexual exploitation. 
  • Passed Bill C-320 at 3rd reading to promote transparency and rights for victims of violent crime.  
  • Passed Bill C-321 at 3rd reading to support and protect first responders and health care workers who face violence while serving our communities.  
  • Introduced Bill C-379 to seek tougher penalties for repeat car thieves. 
  • Introduced Bill C-378 at to help victims of workplace harassment. 
  • Introduced Bill C-381 to protect Canadians from becoming victims of extortion. 
  • Introduced Bill C-351 to keep serial killers in maximum security prison.  
  • Introduced Bill C-376 that prohibits violent criminals from owning weapons.  
  • Introduced Bill C-370 to protect victims of serious crimes.  
  • Introduced Bill C-364 to enact harsher penalties for perpetrators of rural crime.  

Corruption and Chaos  

  • Called in the auditors to investigate Liberal corruption in the ArriveCan, McKinsey, and Green Slush Fund Scandals.  
  • Forced the Information Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner, Public Sector Integrity Commissioner, and two committees to investigate the Liberal’s $60 billion ArriveCan scandal.  
  • Passed a motion that would send all the files on the Liberal’s green slush fund to the RCMP 

Other Common Sense Conservative Bills  

  • Passed Bill C-368 at 2nd reading to protect freedom and choice for natural health products. 
  • Passed Bill C-353, The Foreign Hostage Takers Accountability Act, at 2nd reading.  
  • Passed Bill C-365 at 2nd reading to implement consumer-led banking in Canada. 
  • Passed Bill C-275 at 3rd reading to protect the health of animals and preserve the biosecurity on farms.  
  • Passed Bill C-323 at 2nd reading to remove the GST from mental health services.  
  • Passed Bill C-288 to ensure transparent and accurate information for rural internet speeds.  
  • Passed Bill C-377 at 2nd reading to improve accountability to Parliament on matters relating to national security.  
  • Passed Bill C-281 to protect international human rights.  
  • Passed Bill C-294 at 3rd reading which will help farmers by ensuring interoperability of technological components of equipment.  
  • Passed Bill C-280 at 3rd reading to provide financial protection for fresh fruit and vegetable farmers.  
  • Introduced Bill C-351 to ensure that dangerous maximum-security offenders remain in maximum security facilities, where they deserve to be. 
  • Introduced Bill C-405 to ensure accountability by imposing penalties for lying in Parliament. 
  • Introduced Bill C-400 to ensure access and use of cash. 
  • Introduced Bill C-394 to ensure safe streets by imposing mandatory minimum penalties for importing, exporting, and producing drugs.  
  • Introduced Bill C-391 to stop the possession of weapons and drugs in hospitals.  
  • Introduced Bill C-389 to take the tax of AEDs.  
  • Introduced Bill C-388 to fast-track energy and mining projects to reduce dependence on Russian energy and to facilitate the provisions of munitions to Ukraine.  
  • Introduced Bill C-380 to end Trudeau’s ban on plastic straws. 
  • Introduced Bill C-386 to recognize the work of the Canadian Forces, the RCMP, firefighters, and other first responders in combatting natural disasters.  
  • Introduced Bill C-369 to make December Christian Heritage Month  
  • Forced a vote on Bill C-375 that would have repealed the No More Pipelines bill and replaced it with a common sense solution that would reduce red tape and get projects built faster 
  • Forced a vote on Bill C-314 that would have protected individuals suffering with mental illnesses from MAiD.