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Amended Bill C-7 Dangerous to Vulnerable Communities


March 9, 2021

Ottawa, ON: This week, an amended Bill C-7 returns to the House of Commons. The Liberal government is supporting Senate amendments that would allow medical assistance in dying where mental illness is the sole underlying illness. Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen expressed concerns over the changes.

“We have heard from persons with disabilities, medical professionals, indigenous communities and seniors advocates who have made clear they believe the expansion of MAID in Bill C-7 is harmful and requires more scrutiny. In fact, more than 300 disability groups in Canada oppose the changes in Bill C-7.”

“Most recently, a letter signed by 129 organizations that represent a diverse spectrum of Canadians, warned that Bill C-7 ‘dangerous and discriminatory’.”

MP Viersen pointed out that Bill C-7 will create two classes of citizens, those with lives the government deems worth living and those it does not.

“The government is creating a situation where some Canadians will be offered suicide prevention, and to others MAID will be offered. We need a government that prioritizes assisted living, not assisted dying.

“Canada’s Conservatives will continue to advocate for changes to protect the vulnerable in Canada and I will be voting against Bill C-7.”