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$32 Billion Dollar Scandal

December 13, 2022


Ottawa, ON: Today, Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen released a statement following the Auditor General’s report last week on the Liberal’s s COVID-19 performance audit report and wasteful spending.

The Auditor General found a ‘minimum’ $27.4 billion in suspicious COVID benefit payments that she urged needed further investigation and $4.6 billion that was made to ineligible individuals including:

· $6.6 million to people who were in jail the whole time

· $3.3 million to people who don’t live in Canada

· $1.2 million went to people who were not alive

· $60 million that is under criminal investigation

“Misspending billions is a slap in the face to the millions of Canadians fighting to make ends meet, pay their mortgages, and put food on the table for their families,” said MP Arnold Viersen. “The NDP/Liberal coalition created a mess and now Canadians are paying the price.”

“Canadians are rightly angry and outraged at this needless misspending. Why were the Liberals sending CERB cheques to over 1500 people in jail?

“Remember that this is the same government that tried to use the pandemic to give themself a free pass for almost 2 years to spend and tax without any Parliamentary oversight. Now Prime Minister Trudeau’s endless deficits are burying Canadians under a trillion dollar mountain of government debt.

“Conservatives will continue to hold this corrupt government to account and restore accountability under a Pierre Poilievre Conservative government.”